Hyperfiddle Consulting

Dustin and Karl, founders of Hyperfiddle, are full-stack & React.js experts. We can handle anything–the crazier, the better.

  • We consult about 50% of our time.
  • We are co-located and share an office in Philadelphia, PA.
  • Hire one or both of us: dustin.getz@hyperfiddle.net


  • Clojure, ClojureScript, Datomic
  • Sophisticated user interfaces including realtime
  • Full-stack application development
  • Scaling, distributed systems, emerging databases
  • Emphasis on functional programming
  • Always up to speed on emerging tech
  • Risk management, training, leadership etc

Best known for making Hyperfiddle

Hyperfiddle is a new-paradigm application framework for Clojure programmers. It is weird, sophisticated and extremely innovative.

Hyperfiddle is a meta-model of CRUD apps. Fiddles have a query, links to other fiddles, and a React.js expression.



Some of our open source work is widely used:


infinte scroll that doesn't break css layout (2016)


React.js immutable state in 10 LOC (2013)


ClojureNYC 2017

Datomic, and the failures of REST, hypermedia and ORM. These failures are the bane of our industry; we fight their consequences every day, yet nobody can pinpoint at exactly what is failing, or why, or it's mechanism. To defeat the devil, you must first learn to see him. Here is my attempt. The devil's name is mutability and his lair is the database.

LambdaConf 2016

What would happen if REST were immutable?

DatomicConf 2015

What Datomic does to REST

QCon NYC 2014

Functional Programming on the Front-end with React.js

Work history

  • 2017 Spacious: Hot migration from MongoDB/Meteor → Datomic/Clojure
  • 2017 Jamplay: Guitar lessons platform with realtime text/video. Redux, React.js
  • 2016 Platphorm: Social media with realtime text/video. Redux, React.js, Rails
  • 2015 Gabbermap: Location social media. ClojureScript, Om Next, React.js, SSR
  • 2014 Panasonic: Healthcare enterprise dashboard, React.js
  • 2013 Wingspan: Pharma enterprise dashboard, React.js, Scala

Philadelphia, PA

Most of our work history is remote, Phila or NYC. We are co-located and share an office.

Karl and Dustin. New office has 4x more whiteboard!