Database application development for a number of startups and businesses.

Our specialty is construction of functional prototypes – delivered in days, not months. We help your requirements analysis and lets you identify risks earlier. As the team behind, this is what we do better than anyone else in the world.

No risk guarantee!

Our money's where our mouth is: We'll build part of your thing up front with no money down. Only buy it if you want it.
Back in Q1'18 we built this 25 screen MVP in 2-3 man-weeks? Would take less than a week, now. It has user onboarding, business flows, customer support dashboard, administration panels, panels for third party integrations.


You do the work of four men in part-time. In my entire career at Silicon Valley I have heard a lot of talk but have never, ever seen anyone deliver like you. Ken, CEO
Dustin and Karl share an office near Philadelphia, PA. Inquires:



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  • Frontend: React.js, Javascript, Frontend, ClojureScript, etc
  • Backend: Datomic, Clojure, distributed systems, functional programming, etc

Work history

  • Crypto startup Built a functional prototype of new product in like two weeks. 2018
  • Spacious Lead hot migration from MongoDB/Meteor → Datomic/Clojure. 2018
  • Jamplay Guitar lessons platform with realtime text/video. Redux, React.js. 2017
  • Platphorm Social media with realtime text/video. Redux, React.js, Rails. 2016
  • Gabbermap Location social media. ClojureScript, Om Next, React.js, SSR. 2015
  • Panasonic Healthcare enterprise dashboard, React.js. 2014
  • Wingspan Pharma enterprise dashboard, React.js, Scala. 2010–2013
Screenshots of past work