Hyperfiddle Consulting

Dustin and Karl are experts in full-stack application development. We offer two services.

First, we offer traditional software consulting for application development.

We fix whatever tough problem you are facing, generally timeboxed projects will well defined scope, e.g. we architected a hot transition from MongoDB/Node to Clojure/Datomic. Usually we will be deeply involved with early product engineering, train and ramp-up a team and then reduce to an as-needed support role. Clojure, ClojureScript, React.js, Javascript, Datomic, distributed systems, functional programming, etc

Second, we offer extremely fast prototyping with no risk to you.

We'll spend 1-2 days building your thing up front. Only buy it if you want it. This prototype is about 25 screens and took a couple man-weeks. This is a live, functioning application with a real database and user accounts, user onboarding flows, admin dashboards, etc. I'll show it to you on the phone.

Work history

  • Crypto startup Built a functional prototype of new product in like two weeks. 2018
  • Spacious Lead hot migration from MongoDB/Meteor → Datomic/Clojure. 2018
  • Jamplay Guitar lessons platform with realtime text/video. Redux, React.js. 2017
  • Platphorm Social media with realtime text/video. Redux, React.js, Rails. 2016
  • Gabbermap Location social media. ClojureScript, Om Next, React.js, SSR. 2015
  • Panasonic Healthcare enterprise dashboard, React.js. 2014
  • Wingspan Pharma enterprise dashboard, React.js, Scala. 2010–2013



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